These Dining Rooms Are Perfect For Valentine's Day Dinner
February 2, 2018 Home Decor, House & Home

Your dining room can be just a romantic as a fancy restaurant. This Valentine’s Day, why not plan dinner in? Create a space with a charming atmosphere, modern design, and romance. These dining rooms will give you some great inspiration.


From bright and airy in the daytime, to a polished, romantic dining space in the evening, this room can do it all. It’s traditional with a Swedish flare.

Canadian Living Dining Rooms
Photo source: Canadian Living

If you love purple, then this is the room for you.  You can draw inspiration from this space by pulling mauve into your own dining room. As a paler purple, mauve still embodies romance and dram, but it adds a certain calmness to a room. We love love love the details in this room. Look at that ceiling! The vast scale of the room and the pendant lighting add drama. Just add some candlelight and you have your own romantic dining room setting this Valentine’s Day.

House & Home Dining Rooms
Photo source: House & Home

It’s dramatic. It’s modern. It’s romantic.
This is one of many dining rooms we’ve seen with dark navy. It’s definitely a showstopper. Style at Home put this room together as the lower priced option in a high-low decor comparison. You can see how they created the space, learn more about each of the pieces in the room, and see what the expensive version looks like (we like this one better).

Style at Home Dining Rooms
Photo source: Style at Home

The soft teal tones create a romantic atmosphere in this dining room. This space will transition well from a bright daytime room to a charming evening space, giving you the perfect setting for your Valentine’s Day dinner in. Plus, that fireplace looks like it could add some romance to the room.

Elle Decor Dining Rooms
Photo source: Elle Decor

This dining room is a great example of a formal dining room. It was voted one of House & Home‘s favourite rooms in 2017! “A modern glass table and chandelier with fluorescent tubes bring the room into the 21st century while plush navy velvet chairs add comfort”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

House & Home dining rooms
Photo source: House & Home

The romance in this room comes from how quaint and cozy it is and because it has lots of character. Style at Home has said that one of the biggest design trends for 2018 is soft edges. You may not be looking to reconstruct your doorways to get this look, but there are still lots of ways you can incorporate the soft edges trend into your home. Add a piece of furniture with soft edges, such as the table in this dining room, or arrange some trendy accent pieces.

Style at Home dining rooms
Photo source: Style at Home

There’s that deep navy again! Deep tones like this just ooze romance. You can balance the dark walls with pops of teal and gold, add some fresh greens, and you’ll have a your very own Valentine’s Day date setting. You don’t need to buy everything new either; mix pieces you already own with a few new items, sch as pendant lights. Aren’t those gorgeous?

Style at Home dining rooms
Photo source: Style at Home

This dining room has so much energy. And isn’t that what you really want out of a dining room – an atmosphere that encourages great conversation?  It’s a great combination of colours, furniture and pops of violet accents. When the evening rolls around, dim the lights, light some candles and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Style at Home dining rooms
Photo source: Style at Home

A romantic dinner doesn’t need to take place in a formal setting. Not all dining rooms are grand spaces. Create a space that works for you. This set uses a daybed for a romantic seating option.

Style at Home dining rooms
Photo source: Style at Home

This decor calls it like it is. When it all boils down, a dining room is a place for your to enjoy a meal in with the special people in your life. This dining room is a casual, comfortable space using a mix of rustic and contemporary design. It’s a laid-back space perfect for relaxing with your Valentine.

Style at Home dining rooms
Photo source: Style at Home

There’s nothing more romantic than taking time out of your busy schedule to spend some quality time with the person you love. This table is idea for everyday use, and the bench seating gives you the chance to sit nice and close to your dinner date.

HGTV Dining Rooms
Photo source: HGTV

This formal dining room is whimsical! Romantic chandeliers, furniture that pops, wallpaper with character, and a plum door.

House Beautiful Dining Rooms
Photo source: House Beautiful


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