Ontario Breweries
Published on May 23rd, 2017

Our guest writer is Dave Loopstra. He resides in Thornbury where he spends time performing and playing guitar at local hot spots like the Bruce Wine Bar, publishing his latest book, and enjoying some Ontario beer. Here’s what he had to say about his favourite Ontario Breweries:

I like beer. I like the way it looks. I like the way it tastes.
I have been a keen student of “Good Beer” since I was 16 (23 years).
After exhaustive research and years and years of field work and direct sampling, I would like to share with you my favourite breweries in Ontario. (If you did not make this list, keep trying.)

In no particular order:
1) Northwinds Brewery. Yum. Straight up freakin’ yum. Doing so many things right. (I love you NW; please find a way to sell 473 ml cans for $2.95.)
2) Creemore Springs. Like, I know it’s owned by Molson and blah blah blah, big corporate beer, but Creemore delivers consistently. Lot 9 is an undeniable good pilsner. The lager is a steadfastly dependable. And (gasp) I do like the hefeweisen.
3) Collingwood Brewery. Some mornings when I wake up and do my positive thinking mantra about things I am thankful for, I repeat, “I am so thankful for the Collingwood Downhill Pale Ale. I am so thankful for the Collingwood Downhill Pale Ale.” Crack fizz pop, but not at 8 am.
4) Macleans Ales. These guys are out of Hanover. Immediately legendary. Red or yellow cans…I don’t care. Give me like 4 of them fast.
5) Whitewater Brewing co. From the Ottawa Valley. Nothing to say except I want to meet you guys one day and ask if we can be friends. I like your ipa.

Honourable Mention: Neustadt Springs Brewery. These guys make the list not because they are, like, friendly or anything when you visit their brewery, or because in fact you actually should visit the brewery (unless you don’t mind flies), or for consistency (I’ve had a few bad batches), or because they put any actual effort into marketing or customer experience, but because sometimes they really, seriously nail a good batch. And their lager kicks ass. And their 10/30 is my fav dark beer. And they are pioneers. Remember when they were pretty much Ontario’s only craft brewery? I used to buy Nuestadt a lot, before all these other breweries opened and I had, like, choices and Neustadt kept being lazy. Neustadt, I believe in you (work smarter).
Sorry for all the words.

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