Moving With Pets
Published on October 23rd, 2017

If you have a family pet, then you understand they are so much more than an animal; your pets are an important part of the family. Moving with pets takes a few extra precautions, so when it’s time for the family to move, there are some important steps you can take to ensure your furry friends are comfortable.

Like any other family member, pets can feel the stress of a relocation. Minimizing your pet’s exposure to extreme changes in routine will go a long way, reducing stress on your pet (and yourself). Consult your veterinarian to ensure all vaccines are current, get a copy of medical records, and ask for recommendations for a veterinarian close to your new home.

Before the Move

Keep your pet’s routine as consistent as possible. It’s a good idea to arrange a friend or kennel to take your pet during the move. If you plan on keeping your pet by your side, remember to leave a few comfort items and food behind when you pack up the last boxes. Prepare an overnight kit with toys, treats, a bed, dishes, etc. This will also be helpful when you get to your new home because you’ll know where all the essentials are.

Update your pet’s information, get a new tag made with your new contact information and address. If your cat or dog has a microchip, update that information as well.

During the Move

Do your best to keep your cat or dog away from all the action on moving day. Keeping them in away from all the activity will be easier on you and the animal. Moving day is a busy day, but remember to keep some extra food and water (and dishes) on hand for your pet.

Moving with Small Animals

Birds, hampsters, guinea pigs and mice are best transported in their cages in your own car. Make sure the animal has enough food and water for the trip. If you have to make any pit stops, avoid parking in the sun. Keep the cages secure, level and try to make the ride as smooth as possible.

Arriving at Your New Home

It’s so exciting to take those first few steps through the door and into your new home. The sooner you can re-establish old routines, the better. Give your pet a chance to become familiar with the new home. Take your dog for lots of walks so he or she can become familiar with your new neighbourhood!

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