Backyard Kitchen Trends for 2022
Published on July 25th, 2022

Finally, summer has arrived! School is out, and more and more people are coming out of their homes to visit their friends, family, and neighbours they might not have seen since early 2020. Additionally, with inflation on the rise, people are choosing to ditch going out and eat in their backyards. So, what are the backyard kitchen trends for 2022? Let’s take a look!

No Tea, All Shade

Excellent for shade, privacy, and respite from summer rains, a pergola is one of those additions to your backyard that everyone wants. Highly customizable to fit your aesthetic, you can choose between a permanent installation or one that can be broken down for the winter months when entertaining outside isn’t as attractive an idea.

The Shape of the Backyard Kitchen

There is no question: the L-shape is always a popular backyard kitchen trend. Having an L-shaped backyard kitchen means you’re in trend for 2022 and probably means you will always be the trending kitchen. It allows for the best use of space, regardless of how much or little of it you have for your kitchen.

Put Another Shrimp On It!

Do you do gas, charcoal, or pellet? The best grills of the season are often combos. Combine gas with charcoal, or gas and pellets. Some BBQs even combines a grill with a smoker. While you’re doing your comparison shopping, make sure you note which BBQs need an outdoor outlet or a natural gas hookup. You’ll have to consider the location with some of these requirements.

Get a built-in BBQ for your L-shaped kitchen and use the space. This option is highly customizable and ideal for multi-use backyard chefs. Add a smoker to the mix, storage cabinets and all the grilling accessories you’ll need.

With the advances in technologies, even BBQs have come on board. You can have your BBQ (standard and pellet) connected to your smartphone. Apps include a wired grill that tells you when your meat is cooked, a wireless meat thermometer that sends notifications to your phone, and a BBQ with Wi-Fi built in so you can control temperatures, set timers, and check out a database of recipes.

No Tip Required

Make amazing wood-fired pizza and make all your neighbours jealous with a DIY pizza oven or a store-bought one from Home Depot. It’s never been easier or more fashionable to have a pizza party without having to wait for delivery. Take some vegetables from your garden for an added sense of pride while you enjoy pizza so good that you’ll think you were in Italy.

Sinks Trends For the Backyard Kitchen

No more running in and out of the house, tripping over pets and shoes while you go between the backyard and indoor kitchen with the sink. More and more backyard kitchens are home to a straight island with an attached sink. Instead of using multiple plates to avoid food contamination, you can wash anything you need and prepare it for your finished steak, burgers, or chicken. A small straight island is cost and space effective, all the while giving significant value to the room.

Less is More

People want their space in the home to be functional, so bulky appliances will have no place in a backyard kitchen in 2022. There’s a big demand for hidden cabinets – which also provide protection against all the elements that Canadian weather can throw our way, as well as general security.

Enjoy your perfectly cooked steak done on your built-in BBQ while sitting under your beautiful pergola this summer. You deserve it!

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