Sell your Collingwood Home with Curb Appeal

Want your Home to have Curb Appeal? Avoid making these 4 mistakes

The real estate market in Collingwood is booming and potential buyers are looking for homes for sale in this gorgeous waterfront town. Many homeowners want to take advantage of the high prices as a result of this boom. However, it is extremely difficult to sell a home that lacks curb appeal. When it comes to curb appeal, many homeowners have …

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Emotional Home Sellers Tips

Tips for Emotional Home Sellers

Preparing your home to sell can feel like a break up from a long term relationship. Your home is your single largest investment in your life, and you’ve created long-lasting memories in that home, just like you would in a long term relationship. Nobody is really prepared for the thought of, “Oh no, now I have to start all over.” …

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Collingwood Side Launch Spectacle

The Collingwood Side Launch Spectacle

As a visitor of Collingwood you may be unaware of its earlier “side launch” history. You may wish to experience the town from a historical vantage point and understand the reason for the town’s original existence. From 1883 to 1986 Collingwood was a shipbuilding centre for the Great Lakes and was the opening of a railway linking Georgian Bay and …

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Buying a Second Home

What you need to know before Buying a Second Home

Picture this. You’ve worked hard every day for years. You’ve put as much money as you can away for retirement and you’re able to support your family and live comfortably. After years of responsible behaviour and sound financial planning, you’ve decided buying a second home is right for you. Maybe it’s nestled next to a sandy beach or living among …

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How to know when it’s Time to Downsize

How to know when it’s Time to Downsize

Maybe you’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo to begin downsizing your wardrobe and now you’re looking at making even bigger changes. If you’re starting to question what kind of home brings you joy, then you may need to consider it’s time to downsize to a smaller house. Maintenance is becoming overwhelming If cost and the physical demands of maintaining your …

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Sports & Activities South Georgian Bay

Follow your love of sports to the Southern Georgian Bay

The Southern Georgian Bay is a community chocked full of incredible outdoor adventure spots there’s so much to do, you’ll have your calendar filled up in no time. It doesn’t matter what the season is there is always something to do Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury, Meaford, Clearview and the Blue Mountains. Never live a dull moment here! Looking for the …

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Before you become a Landlord

What you need to know before becoming a Landlord

Residents of Collingwood know that they live in one of the most idyllic summer vacation spots, heck all year round! So what is the best way to capitalize on the incoming tourists? Airbnb and other short-term rental web sites allow you to become a landlord and up your game in a big way but do the pro’s and con’s out-weight …

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Top Questions to Ask When Buying Waterfront Property in Ontario- lovely cottage on a lake

Top Questions To Ask When Buying Waterfront Properties

It’s the time of year when people start to get excited about opening up their cottage or getting out their power boats and other water toys. There are so many wonderful reasons to buy a home, cottage, or secondary property on the water, whether you’re a fan of boating, swimming, or simply enjoy the views. When it comes to buying …

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Buying a Home in Southern Georgian Bay- beautiful living room with a view of the outdoors covered in snow

Buying a Home in Southern Georgian Bay

Are you thinking about buying a home in the Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Thornbury, Wasaga Beach, Grey Highlands, Clearview, or Meaford area? The team at Locations North have put together a list of questions and considerations to think about when buying a home in Southern Georgian Bay. What are you looking for in a new principal residence? There are many reasons …

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Incredible Homes - gorgeous interior looking out to a stunning exterior with pool

Incredible Homes

We’ve all seen them — the photos of homes that make you gasp. There are so many amazing ways to enhance your home or upgrade your space that it can be hard to know where to start. The team at Locations North knows what an awe-inspiring interior can mean to both home sellers and homebuyers, so we’ve put together a …

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