Sometimes even a small investment in home improvements can really payoff!

When it comes to buyers, first impressions are crucial. They begin judging your home the moment they see it and unless they want a “fixer-upper”, they prefer well-maintained and clutter-free homes they can picture themselves living in. That’s why home improvements if they anticipate buyer needs and wants, can boost your home’s saleability and sale price.

Three kinds of improvements will impress home buyers and help you sell for top market value: renovations; upgrades and repairs; re-organization and maintenance. Here are a few cost-effective ideas that will help your home look its best.

The Value of Home Improvements

We have composed a list of what improvements will result in the best value for your home.
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Home Upgrades and Repairs

Most upgrades can be fairly inexpensive and easy to accomplish. This effort translates to you getting the best possible price for your home.
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Home Re-Organization and Maintenance

Some small details can make an important difference in buyer impressions of your home.
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Renovations – Which Ones Are “Market-Smart”?

Generally, few owners renovate their homes to sell because they know they won’t recoup their full cost. However, minor renovations that improve the impression of a property’s quality can often more than pay for themselves. Here are a few cost-effective renovations:

  • Kitchen – New flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances and lighting can be costly, but buyers typically look for updated kitchens, and you’ll recover a large percentage of your expenses on resale. Even a minor facelift – e.g. new paint, floor covering, cabinet doors and hardware – can pay off in a faster sale at a better price.
  • Bathrooms – As with kitchens, bathroom Renos can pay off in terms of both value and marketability, especially in older homes. Opt for good lighting, large mirrors, attractive fixtures and materials, plenty of storage and neutral colors.
  • Energy-Efficient Improvements – With everyone “going green” these days, energy-saving upgrades and repairs that reduce fuel bills can be a real selling point. There are many options so do some online research and talk to a home product professional to find the improvements that best fit your plans and budget.

That said, with renovations, there are two rules of thumb: don’t over-renovate and don’t do any Renos which please you, but which might turn off otherwise interested buyers.

Small Upgrades And Repairs Can Make A BIG Difference

There are few things that put buyers off more than viewing a home that looks uncared for. Sometimes it’s little things, sometimes bigger ones. The bottom line is: if you want to get top market value for your home, you might need some minor upgrades, but you’ll definitely need to make all necessary repairs – even those “out of sight and out of mind”.

Re-org & Maintenance: The OBVIOUS That Needs Doing

Similar to necessary repairs, basic reorganization and maintenance tasks are “must-dos”. While buyers might not notice such work when it is done, they’ll notice when it isn’t. This impression of neglect will make it more difficult for them to comfortably project themselves into your home’s living space.

All That Said …

All our team of REALTORS® at Locations North know what today’s discerning home buyers are looking for, and can provide you with many ideas to maximize your home’s saleability. They’ll also be able, if necessary, to recommend trusted, local home service providers who do excellent work at competitive prices.