Home Upgrades And Repairs
March 14, 2018 Selling Real Estate

Buyers Like Homes In Which Everything Looks Well-Cared For, If Not Brand New

While many small upgrades and repairs are relatively easy and inexpensive, their completion or non-completion can instantly determine whether buyers even want to take a second look at your home, let alone buy it. Leaving aside major structural and functional matters, here are some relatively minor upgrades and repairs that will help how buyers perceive your home:


  • If necessary, fix or replace anything damaged or worn, such as patio and deck, gutters and eaves, windows, shutters, screens, storm doors, light fixtures, porches and steps, walkways and fences.
  • Touch up all exterior paint (or if needed, re-paint the house).
  • Fix doorbells, tighten loose doorknobs and oil squeaking hinges.
  • Clean or paint front door, polish front door hardware, replace “Welcome” mat if necessary.
  • Green-up dry lawn patches, plant extra flowers for color, place potted plants beside the front door.


If necessary, fix or replace anything like cracked molding, floor tiles, leaking taps and toilets, loose door knobs, squeaky door hinges, closets or screen doors that are off their tracks, bathroom lighting and hardware, toilet seats, loose caulking or grout.

  • Fix and touch-up walls, ceilings, windows, etc.
  • Brighten interiors with a new coat of paint in light, neutral colors.
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs, replace if necessary.
  • Make sure major appliances are in good working order.
  • Add organizers or shelving for basement and garage.
  • Clean and paint concrete floor and walls.
  • Clean water heater and drain sediment, change furnace filter.
  • Replace switch and outlet plates and register vents with more elegant ones.
  • Add closet organizers or shelving to make closets more functional and spacious looking.
  • Buy that furniture you planned for the new house to improve the look of the one you are selling.

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