Home Additions That Add Value And Space
Published on March 4th, 2021

Do you have a waterfront property that is looking a bit outdated? Is your family growing, and you need more livable space? Home additions are an excellent way to increase the square footage of your home, and thus add value. There are many types of home additions, with some being enclosed structures that flow seamlessly into the rest of your home, and others providing more exterior space, such as an enclosed wrap-around porch. Depending on your needs and your property’s size, your home addition opportunities will vary.

Outlined below are three excellent home addition ideas that will add both value and space to your home. Two of the options below are enclosed interior spaces, with the third being a hybrid space that combines both interior and exterior features.

Expand Your Kitchen

Most homes have their kitchen located near the back of the property with doors to a backyard. These types of kitchens can easily be expanded upon to add more room. A kitchen tends to be one of the most significant selling features in a home and one of the rooms that buyers anticipate most. If you have a smaller kitchen with a dining table crammed next to a kitchen island, adding in a 20 x 20 addition, while small, can have a significant impact on the entire flow and feel of the space. You can use these additions
specifically for dining, adding in banquet seating, or you may choose to use this as a lounging area with a large comfortable chair next to windows where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

Add A Room Above Your Garage

If you have a separate garage from your home or one with no current living space above it, this is an excellent opportunity for you to add an addition. An above-garage room can often be quite large, as it will essentially be the same size as your garage. As there is already a substantial foundation for your garage, you just need to add a wall, roof, and interior elements. You can use an above-garage room as a bonus rec space, a guest suite with a bathroom, or a secluded master bedroom oasis. If you work with a Realtor® and contractor, they can help you plan the ideal above-garage addition.

Turn Your Front Or Back Porch Into A Sunroom

Sunrooms are becoming increasingly popular as people want a place protected from the elements, but still seemingly amongst the outdoors. Sunrooms will ideally let in a lot of light and be accessible from your home via large sliding or French doors. As you will want this space to be considered livable, it should also have heating and insulation. If you want to keep the costs lower, you can choose to install electric heaters, which you can turn on during colder days. This way, you can have large wall-length windows and screens that open to let in the breeze. These spaces can be used as either a relaxing living room with some tropical plants, rugs, and soft furniture, or you can put in a dining room table, a chandelier and use it for intimate dinners.

Many homeowners do not consider home additions because they feel it far out of their budget. However, if you love your neighbourhood and your home but need a bit more space, they are an ideal solution. They can be unique and personal, and above all, will add value to your home.

If you have questions about the best additions for strategically increasing your home’s value, contact a knowledgeable Realtor® in your area today.

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