How Waterfront Living Can Improve Your Health
Published on January 22nd, 2021

Have you ever imagined waking up in the morning to the sounds of loons singing over a fog-veiled lake? Many people dream about waterfront living, but never actually take the steps necessary to get there.

If you’ve ever needed the motivation to move to a property located on the water, you would be happy to know that it’s not only going to be beautiful, but it’s going to have a ton of benefits for your health. Waterfront living may sometimes feel like a faraway dream, but there are tons of places throughout Ontario that provide gorgeous views and sizable properties.

Waterfront Fresh Air Diminishes Stress

Getting fresh air seems as easy as going outside, but the air in the city and suburban neighbourhoods is often not as crisp and clean as it is next to a body of water. When air sweeps its way across a lake or a river, it is infused with negative ions and can help you breathe in more oxygen and less pollution. Having access to fresh air is necessary if you want to reduce stress. Long-term exposure to environmental stressors like pollution can negatively affect the body. If you live somewhere where fresh air is always flowing, you can expect your stress levels to decline. Numerous studies have been done relating fresh air exposure to stress levels, and the numbers are staggering. If you want to get started looking for a waterfront home, contact a Realtor® in your area today.

Peace and Serenity For The Senses

Not only does living near the waterfront or on a waterfront property increase your access to fresh air, but it also will be a feast for the senses. Most waterfront homes are closely nestled within wilderness landscapes and forests. You can easily step out your front door and walk through nature as the wind whistles through the trees and the sunlight warms your face.

Living in a city often presents several issues when it comes to noise and smells. People often develop sleeping issues because of the noise and light pollution that often breaches even well-covered windows. When you live on the waterfront, there is a natural calm at night. Rather than sounds of sirens or cars honking, you hear the distant call of a bird or the leaves rustling in the tree. After just a week of sleeping on the waterfront property, you could find that any sleep issues have begun to improve.

Motivation For Physical Activity

Getting outside and getting active is sometimes hard work, especially in an area without ample outdoor recreational space. When you live in a waterfront home, the opportunities for physical exercise are endless. You can purchase a kayak, a stand-up paddleboard (sup-board), or go swimming each morning. You will find that you spend more time outside and that physical activity becomes something you look forward to rather than get nervous about.

For those looking for a home for the family, a waterfront property is an excellent way to promote physical activity every day together. You can spend your weekends together looking out over the water, having lunch al fresco, and playing lawn games before jumping into the cool water. As more people are working from home now than ever, living on the water is ideal.

For information about the waterfront listings in your desired areas, contact a real estate team today. They can help you to choose a property that will be perfect for your family all year round while ensuring you have all the modern features you need to keep you in touch with reality. Once you move, you will soon adjust to the new pace of life.

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