Top Questions to Ask When Buying Waterfront Property in Ontario- lovely cottage on a lake
Published on April 15th, 2019

It’s the time of year when people start to get excited about opening up their cottage or getting out their power boats and other water toys. There are so many wonderful reasons to buy a home, cottage, or secondary property on the water, whether you’re a fan of boating, swimming, or simply enjoy the views.

When it comes to buying waterfront property, there are many different questions to ask.  At Locations North, we believe it’s important to take time to consider some of the tops questions before you starting to visit properties. Here are a few questions that we’d recommend asking yourself, if you’re thinking about a waterfront property in Ontario:

Do you want waterfront, water view, or water access property?

This is an important question to be able to answer, as it can impact the price of your new home.

  • Waterfront means that you have direct access to the water, where you might have a dock, a boathouse, a beach, or some other way to get into the water.
  • Water access means that you will be able to get to the water easily, but you will need to use a shared pathway, beach, or pier to launch a boat or go swimming.
  • Water view, just as it sounds, means that you can see the water — keep in mind that having a water view can range from full view to a partial view between homes.

As well, if there is a shared roadway, you will want to ask about a documented right of way, snow plowing in winter, and more.

What are Riparian rights?

Riparian rights refer to the rights that the property owner has to use or restrict others’ use and access to the water.

For example, sometimes homes are sold as “waterfront homes”, but the property itself does not actually border the water. This is often the case with homes surrounding public beaches or conservation areas.

However, if your deed or title shows a boundary to the water’s edge, then you likely have Riparian rights for that body of water.

What are your top three ‘must-haves’ for your waterfront home?

Consider what is important to you and what you absolutely must have to be happy in your new home.

For example, if privacy is important to you, then don’t sacrifice it for a beachfront property, as you will have people walking by or making sandcastles every day. If sunsets are important to you, be sure you figure  out which way your property is facing — and if the house is perfect but it’s facing the wrong way, then consider your long-term happiness.

As with any home purchase, there are a million things to consider but, with waterfront property, there may be many new questions that you have not considered.

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