Why Invest In Professional Home Staging?
Published on January 6th, 2021

When it’s a seller’s real estate market, and the number of buyers looking for homes in your area is through the roof, it may be reasonably straightforward to list your home. However, in any other circumstance, to get it sold quickly, selling a home can take time, especially if the right steps are not taken. One of the best ways that you can speed up the process is through home staging. Often when working with a Realtor®, they will have professional stagers in their network whose services can fast track the sale of your house.

Home Staging Quickens The Process

When you know a move is on the horizon, whether it be for a new job you are taking across the country or an upgrade to accommodate a growing family, you probably will want your home sold sooner than later. But if your house doesn’t look move-in ready, buyers will be quick to turn their eye toward other listings.

When a home is staged, it allows prospective buyers to envision their life in the space. Often a stager will create an atmosphere that is objectively stunning with interior decor choices that are alluring regardless of personal taste. Rather than buyers hesitating, wondering if this could be a home they settle into, they are shown the property’s potential. As they take in each staged room, they further become more attached to the home.

Interior Decorating Will Drive Up The Price

It is common for a seller to want to get the highest possible price for their home, but if the house is not in the best condition, this won’t always happen. When a buyer walks into a home that is not staged, they tend to focus on the negatives that stand out, rather than trying to picture their potential new life there. When they enter a staged home, it is effortless for them to become tempted by the property. As the house’s aesthetic appeal will entice multiple buyers, sellers will be forced to present a reasonable, even
substantial offer if they want to acquire the property.

Professional Level-Expertise

Many sellers often think that if they do some cleaning and de-cluttering, their home will be ready for showings. The tricky part is, many homeowners are not professional stagers and thus make some common staging mistakes. While these steps are beneficial, you must take further steps to make your home stand out amongst your area’s other listings. A professional stager will bring an entirely new level of design expertise into the mix. They will be able to take your family’s personality out of the equation and create a house perfect for buyers to imprint their own life. They do this by incorporating new elements that cater to a larger audience of prospective buyers.

These stagers will have warehouses of gorgeous furniture pieces from which they will carefully select when staging your home. Depending on your home’s age, the area where you live, and current trends, they will guarantee that each piece of art and furniture compliments the space while introducing a “wow” factor to every room.

It’s An Investment

If you are fraught over the decision to hire a home stager or not, remember that it is an investment. While you may be spending a bit of money on hiring a professional, you undoubtedly will make that money back upon the sale of your home. Usually, you can speak to these professionals about their services and choose from various packages at different price points.

If you have further questions or concerns about selling and staging your home, call your real estate agent. Even if you are selling a commercial property, they will give you the information you need to figure out if professional staging is the right option for your scenario.

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