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Marla Simon was born in New York and moved to LA at an early age. As a graduate of UCLA, Marla turned an internship at Columbia Records into a 20 year career, rising to the position of VP, International Sales & Marketing for Sony Music in New York City. Marla has spent her entire career in marketing, often touring the world with some of the most recognizable artists in music (Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estafan, Cyndi Lauper among many others).

While doing International Marketing she learned to quickly size up a market and determine the optimal method of reaching the target audience with a message tailored to be relevant to the local population. She is a professional marketer who understands that you have to look beyond demographics to understand purchase behavior.

Music marketing is about lifestyle and psychographics and so are homes. In her spare time, Marla skis at Georgian Peaks and volunteers with the Special Olympics.

What did you do before real estate?

Vice President Sales & Marketing for Sony Music

Are you a cat or a dog person?


What song motivates you?

All music!

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