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Growing up, Todd could often be found early Saturday morning with an automotive magazine in one hand and the new homes section of the Toronto Star in the other. A family background in the automotive business eventually led to him studying Automotive Marketing at Georgian College and then moving on to a successful career in sales, sales management, and training. Todd’s interest in real estate never wavered and eventually resulted in the purchase of several individual properties which he leased and managed.

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Todd continued to expand his horizons by purchasing and successfully operating a well-known franchised quick-service restaurant and mobile autobody repair business. This experience in sales, customer service and business caught the attention of a premier operator of Casinos and Racetracks and Todd was then hired as the leader of Organizational Development for one of the largest gaming facilities in Canada. Despite this, Todd’s deeply rooted passion for all things real estate kept calling to him and knew this was the industry where he needed to be.

Now as a passionate member of the Lifestyles North Real Estate Team, Todd looks forward to sharing his expertise in sales, customer service and business by servicing his clients with a multi-skilled background and an earnest affection for all things realty related.

Todd and his family can be found enjoying the vast array of activities the Blue Mountains region has to offer, including hitting the slopes in the winter and the hiking trails in the summer.  There is no place they’d rather be and he can’t wait to show you why.

What do you love about being a REALTOR®?

They say that if you do something you love, then you’ll never work another day in your life. Well that’s not exactly true, you’ll still have to work, but it will feel different. In real estate, even though you’re helping other people buy and sell houses, it still feels like something that’s your own. And because of that, you will care. And because you care, you will appreciate it in a way that’s different than almost any other job you could possibly have, which is all the more reason to fall in love with it.

What is the best thing about waking up in the morning?

The morning can be our power hour, magic time, or the most productive and creative period of our day. But some of the best parts of waking up are the small things. The little moments and rituals that set us up for happiness and success!

What is your favourite space in your home? favourite space is outside, as opposed to "in" my home. Sitting on a Muskoka chair on my deck overlooking the fields, sun setting behind the trees, fire bowl warming my toes. I love being outside, its a great place to wind down and think about the day.

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