Dreaming about purchasing a waterfront property
Published on January 20th, 2020

During these cold winter months, many of you are dreaming of tanning on a dock by day and roasting marshmallows by night. That’s right! This is the most popular time of year to go cottage shopping, and many of you are either thinking of purchase a waterfront property to own or renting one for the summer.

But, if you’re starting from scratch or you need to make updates to your current waterfront space, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Maintaining or developing a waterfront property can certainly be a lot of work. However, with these tips, you’ll be able to create an outdoor space that is more than worth the effort! Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your waterfront space.

Cottage Safety should always come First

The most important thing to consider when tackling updates to your waterfront space is safety. No matter how beautiful your waterfront is, you won’t have peace of mind if you haven’t taken appropriate safety measures. Ensure that an arborist inspects the property to see if any trees need to be removed. This will help prevent any accidents, injuries or damage to the property as a result of falling trees.

Next, think about the safety of children and pets on your property. Consider if gates and enclosures might help prevent any accidents. Also, think about where you can store appropriate safety equipment like life jackets and life preservers that provide quick and easy access in case of an emergency.

Waterfront Cottage Walkways & Lighting

Walkways & Lighting

We probably don’t need to tell you that a beautiful dock with lots of space will make for great summer days or that a bonfire pit with seating will be a nice touch for late-night conversations with friends. However, what many people forget is the importance of connecting the various outdoor spaces on your property with proper walkways and lighting. This is a matter of both safety as well as convenience. When you have children running barefoot to and from the waterfront or you’re making your way back to the cottage after an evening spent by the bonfire, you’ll be grateful for a pathway that’s well-lit, easy to navigate and free of branches and rocks that you might trip over.

Chat With Your Neighbours

Before you begin landscaping or construction, it’s a good idea to chat with your neighbours who also have waterfront properties on the same body of water. They will likely be familiar with ideal vendors and tradespeople who work in the area as well as rules and regulations you might need to keep in mind throughout the construction process. It is also a good idea to keep them abreast of the changes you are making and the progress of your projects. This is because the changes you make to your section of the waterfront may impact your neighbours and it’s best to keep each other in the loop so things progress amicably.

Keep your Waterfront Property Looking Natural

Keep your Waterfront Property Looking Natural

When you buy property beside a body of water, it’s important to think about ways you can conserve as much of the natural landscape as possible. This will not only make the property easier to maintain, but it is also the more sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to take. Furthermore, by protecting the integrity of the natural landscape, you will also help preserve the health of the water and the local flora and fauna. This should protect your investment and ensure that the value of your waterfront property does not decrease.

By keeping these key tips in mind, you should be well-equipped to turn your dreams of building a stunning waterfront space into a reality. You’ll soon be jumping off the dock, soaking up tons of sun and roasting marshmallows in no time!

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