Is Your Collingwood Home Ready to Sell?
Published on February 8th, 2023

While the timing may be right for you to enter the Collingwood real estate market, anyone selling must consider if their home is ready to sell. It’s more than just putting a fresh coat of paint on the exterior (which is always a good idea) and decluttering the home. Let’s review some ways to get your house ready to sell.

Know The Right Price

How can sellers determine the best listing price for their Collingwood home? There are a few things sellers can do independently, although working with a real estate agent will make it even easier. Sellers should take a look at comparable homes. That includes the same build year, the same design, and the same amenities. Most REALTORS® will provide a complimentary market analysis; lean on their experience to better understand why the property should list for the price they believe it should be.

Tidy Up

A home with a room dedicated to miscellaneous items has yet to be ready to sell. Homes should be decluttered and depersonalized – buyers want to see themselves in the prospective home, and it’s hard to visualize that if years of family photos cover the walls. Sellers should consider getting rid of approximately a third of their things by downsizing or placing items in storage.


Even if a third of the seller’s items are removed and put into storage, there is still a need to organize any items remaining in the Collingwood home. Cupboards and closets can look stunning when the items housed there are organized and purposeful.

Honey Do

Any well-lived home is bound to have scratches, scrapes, dents, or even minor holes. Sellers can no longer wait for a rainy day to make those repairs. Homeowners should have the holes filled, indents repaired, and scratch marks in the floor buffed out. No matter how minor, an eagle-eyed buyer will note a minor home repair, which can affect the selling price.

Clean the Carpets

Carpets probably take the most abuse in any home. They’ve been stepped on for years, sometimes with wet or dirty feet, not to mention accidental spills from the kids. Getting the carpets cleaned professionally or using a professional cleaning machine will help the home sparkle when it’s time to sell.

The Sniff Test

It’s challenging to know what a potential buyer will notice when they view a home; the longer someone lives in a home, the more acclimated to certain things they become, especially smells. A foul odour is a turn-off,  and a potential buyer may have already set their mind before seeing the dreamy gourmet kitchen. Ask a friend or a real estate agent to give honest feedback about any odours lurking in the Collingwood home. Homeowners who have pets should be aware that their odours are very noticeable to potential buyers who don’t own pets. Take the time to air out any spaces that need airing out, and consider working with professional cleaners, as they’ll be able to identify and address any messes causing the odours. When it’s time for open houses or viewings, a great way to boost the sense of smell is to bake something right before. The trick is avoiding an overpowering air freshener, as that will make prospective buyers suspicious about what that strong aroma is covering up.

Consider Renovations

A real estate agent will be frank about what the home offers and whether any rooms or features should be updated or renovated before listing. They will keep in mind the ideal selling price and what is realistic.

When wondering if your home is ready to sell, there may be many things to consider, but using a trusted professional, like a Collingwood real estate agent who understands the community and the market, will alleviate much of that stress and overwhelm.

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