Prepare your Home for an Upcoming Showing
Published on June 12th, 2020

When selling your property, you want potential buyers to fall in love with it as soon as they step inside. One way to make this instant impression is to properly prepare your home for each showing. A showing lets potential buyers truly see the home. They can look at every nook and cranny of the house, get a feel for its layout, and better imagine themselves living on the property.

However, for sellers, preparing your home for a showing takes work. Here are five ways that you can properly prepare for this important event.

Clean and Declutter

One of the first and most important tasks you should complete around your home is to clean and declutter. You want every inch of your house to shine during the showing. However, that is going to require a lot of hard work. Several weeks before the showing, start to declutter your home. You want to remove as many unnecessary items, particularly large pieces of furniture as possible. This helps to open each room and make it appear large and spacious. Additionally, you will want to focus your decluttering efforts on closets and cupboards. Potential buyers will want to look in these spaces and if they are messy and cluttered, it will leave a negative impression.

As you clean your property, focus on little details such as smudges on cupboards or the exterior of your appliances. Wipe down walls and dust off light fixtures. You also want to spend time cleaning inside appliances because many buyers will take a peek inside.

Don’t Forget The Landscaping

In addition to cleaning and preparing the interior of your home, spend some time fixing up the exterior as well. You want to complete basic landscaping tasks such as mowing and trimming the grass, trimming trees, planting fresh flowers, etc. Keep all walkways clear and don’t leave outdoor items such as bicycles, the lawnmower, etc., in a corner to create an eyesore.

Do Not Forget The Landscaping

Spruce Up the Front Porch

If you want to make a strong impression on potential buyers, the front porch must be in excellent condition. This area of your house should be inviting and welcoming. If this area can make a strong impression, potential buyers will be anxious to step inside and see the rest of the property.

To improve this area of the home, spend some time cleaning. Sweep the porch and remove all spider webs. Lay down a new welcome mat, place a planter of fresh flowers near the door, and hang a gorgeous wreath. If your front door could use a little TLC, this is a great time to paint it and add some new hardware or replace the door altogether. This task can not only improve showings but it can also increase your home’s property value as well.

Let In Natural Light

A home that is bright and well lit will create an inviting space. Prior to your showing, open all windows and let in as much natural light as possible. You should also turn on all the lights throughout your home. Just make sure you take the time to clean both the interior and exterior windows so dirty fingerprints and hard water spots don’t detract from the beauty of your property.

Let In Natural Light

Be Mindful of Odours

Pay attention to any odours lingering in your house and do your best to get rid of them. This means you may need to wait to make dinner until following the showing and your indoor pet’s belongings may need to reside elsewhere. If there is a small odour in your home, make sure to open windows some time before a showing and light a candle to help get rid of the smell before the showing begins.

Prepare your home for upcoming open houses and showings can require a lot of hard work. However, your efforts will pay off and potential buyers will fall in love with your property and will be anxious to purchase your home.

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