Winter in the Georgian Triangle
Published on January 18th, 2017

Last Summer you told us how much you love the Georgian Bay lifestyle, and we’ve concluded that there is never a dull season! There are so many reasons to love each season, but here’s what you had to say about Winter in the Georgian Triangle.

Why We Love Winter in the Georgian Triangle: Part One

  1. Within 10 min I can be snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, walking the trails, skating inside or outside and so much more. I never have a reason to stay in side unless I’m sitting by the fireside. – Ruth
  2. A fabulous selection of trails for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and downhill skiing. – Cindy
  3. Local food, local craft beverages, local snow-experiences, local outdoors, local beauty. – Karen
  4. We love winter and all the wonderful activities to do in the area: snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing with the Georgian bay hikers/snowshoe club, cross country skiing, the village at Blue. It’s a great place for families to play and have fun. Great restaurants too. It is a winter wonderland. -Cherie
  5. The different ski hills and terrain, the ice forming on Georgian Bay and the crisp walks through downtown. -Stephanie
  6. The Snow, skiing and cozy restaurants. – Marylee
  7. Skiing Blue with my family & snowshoeing the trails with my dog & friends. -Sabrina
  8. Nothing beats family time on the chair lift and in the hot tub Apres ski! -Kim
  9. Tobogganing and snowshoeing. -Sandra
  10. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing and most of all keeping warm indoors!! -Torrie
  11. The beautiful mountains covered in snow. The skiing and watching the children learning to Ski. The wonderful Blue Mountain village with their great restaurants. Love it all. -Maggie
  12. Downhill skiing, snowshoeing in the forest and the night sky. -Jane
  13. I love having all my favourite winter sports moments from my front door. -Melissa
  14. A lot of people dislike winter! Me, I love it! There is seriously nothing prettier then Blue Mountain covered in fresh powder! Plus there is still so much to do for winter activities in our area! So lucky all year round. -Danielle
  15. Snowboarding and snowshoeing. -Alexandra
  16. Skiing!!! -Jennifer
  17. The snowshoeing on the different trails throughout the valley. -Debbie
  18. Everything! My winter mantra is “embrace the winter” and get out and breathe the crisp fresh air on snowshoes or skis. Take a walk along the shore and watch the waves coming in and forming incredible ice formations. That’s what I do. Or go curling, ice skating or play hockey; whatever you enjoy it’s all here. Take in a good movie or eat at your favourite “locals” pub, mine is the B&B. Watch the sun rise on sparkling snow and be thankful for living in the GT. -Rebecca
  19. Snowshoeing. -Jessie
  20. Snowshoeing and skiing! Outdoor skating, amazing eateries! – Michelle
  21. The beauty. That everything becomes still and is covered by a blanket of crisp white snow. The contrast it creates when it hugs the edge of the lake. Blue Mountain’s lights, the glow in the night, and the way the snow sparkles on a sunny day. -Lauren
  22. Taking in the skiing and apre ski and snowshoeing in Kolapore trails. -Pam
  23. The mountains, skiing and snowboarding..the streets filled with kids playing road hockey. Great snowmobiling and beautiful scenery. -Jacqueline
  24. Cozy nights in front of the fireplace watching the snow fall and eating cheese. -Jennifer
  25. Snowboarding. -Josi
  26. Winter is an excellent time to be in the Georgian Triangle as the winter activities are right here for us to enjoy, skiing, snowshoeing, skating and walking in the crisp, white snow. No yucky half melted slush. And no travelling on dangerous icy roads to get here. -Linda
  27. Nature at your doorstep. -Katie
  28. Snowshoeing. We have beautiful trails. The views are great and there is always something new to explore. -Jodi
  29. Ice fishing. -Matthew
  30. Boating in summer and skiing in the winter how much better can it get and its all in my back yard. -D.
  31. Snow snow snow. -Patti
  32. Love skiing the hills of Blue Mountain and snowshoeing in the trails. -Grace
  33. Skiing! -Colleen
  34. Sledding or being at a cottage snow shoeing just love the outdoors. -Vickie

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We’d say those are some pretty great reasons! Stay tuned for more of your favourite things about Winter in the Georgian Triangle. Like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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