Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse
Published on March 22nd, 2017

One of the most striking and recognizable landmarks on Georgian Bay is the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse, an 85-foot structure used to signal danger to boats entering the Collingwood Harbour. Constructed between 1855 and 1857 and initially lit in 1958, this lighthouse has roots as deep as the Town of Collingwood is old.

Time, harsh Winters and a lighting strike have been hard on the lighthouse, causing rocks to fall off the structure and moisture to decay the building.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder so much effort is being put into its restoration and preservation.

The Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society (NLPS) has created a mission to “protect the important architectural and cultural significance which makes the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse a significant part of Canada’s Great Lakes marine heritage for the benefit of all Canadians” – NLPS

As a group of people who live, work,  raise our families and encourage growth in the community – we, Locations North, as a team have a great deal of pride in our community. Both man-made and natural surroundings come together to make possible the lifestyles we are so fortunate to have in the Georgian Triangle. Committing to preserving our historical landmarks is important to the unique beauty, integrity, and character of the region.

“Since 1858, this lighthouse has saved many lives. It’s our turn. Without funding, this lighthouse will crumble to the ground. We have done our best to preserve it from further decay. Please help bring it back to its glorious state.” – NLPS

The  Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society is actively seeking funds to contribute to the repair efforts, and the community is doing its part to help out.

2016 Restoration Efforts

In September of 2016 it was announced that The Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society had been given the green light by the federal government to begin work. The plan was to “shrink wrap the entire lighthouse in plastic to stop water from getting into the masonry” –CTV news Barrie.


As such a significant and recognizable monument, it’s no wonder so many people want to be a part of the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse project.

“Our board is made up of individual volunteers who utilize their skills in a variety of disciplines to achieve our goal or restoration and preservation. This includes such disciplines as law, accounting, publicity, engineering, marketing, historical curation and more.” –NLPS

If you would like to get involved or support the NLPS, visit and learn more about donating and volunteering.

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