Tips for Staging Your Kitchen
Published on October 18th, 2017

For many buyers, the kitchen can be a focal point and a memorable part of their home search. Which means as a seller, you should look at your kitchen and consider what buyers might see when they tour your home.

At an open house, most potential buyers will spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen to check out the finishes, appliances, fixtures and the amount of space and storage it has to offer.

If your kitchen is out-dated, it’s a good idea to speak with your REALTOR® about the improvements that will add value to your home. These improvements can be as simple as refreshing, refining and staging the kitchen.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tidy Up

It’s important to tidy up the countertops, but don’t forget about the rest of the kitchen. Declutter the countertops, giving them a good scrub. The move onto the rest of your kitchen. You may clean it every week, but this is the time to go in deep. Scrub every countertop, clean every visible mess and remove all clutter. You can expect that people are going to open the fridge and the cupboards….and even your dishwasher. So make sure everything is spick and span.


You love your family. You know it and we know it. But having personal photos around can add clutter to the kitchen. Plus, give potential buyers the opportunity to visualize their family in the home. Remove photos from the fridge (in fact, remove everything from the fridge), and only leave behind a few key neutral decor pieces in the kitchen.

Refresh, Refine & Stage

Here’s are a few tips for staging specific parts of your kitchen.


You may not be replacing your countertops to sell your home, so make sure they’re as clean as can be (and don’t forget about the sink!). Your REALTOR® can give you tips on staging your specific space, but some common items to put out include a pitcher of water, or a few nice glasses or ornaments.


Cabinets are used daily and aren’t always included in the cleaning routine, so give them some extra attention. Give them a good scrub to remove any dirt and fingerprints, and shine the handles or knobs. Replacing the hardware can make a difference, and be less expensive than installing new cabinets. Don’t forget about the inside! As we mentioned, people will likely take a peek inside, so take some time to organize what’s inside.


If your kitchen is a bold colour consider repainting to a neutral tone. Paint colours can be a very personal choice, and like decluttering, the goal is to give potential buyers a space they can imagine living in. Although it’s an easy fix, some buyers may have a hard time seeing past a bright colour.

Overall, take a look at your kitchen and try to create the most open, well-lit space you can. Your REATLOR® is an excellent resource at this stage of the selling process. If you haven’t hired a REALTOR® yet, we’d love to connect you with an experienced professional who can offer you the best advice.

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